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Preventable and treatable diseases present an enormous health burden for communities in the developing world. Diseases that have largely been eradicated in the developed world still have immeasurable impacts on populations living in extreme poverty around the globe. US Doctors for Africa believes that primary healthcare is a basic human right, and recognizes that a healthy population is essential for growth, development, and prosperity in every society.

US Doctors for Africa plans to deploy two-hundred mobile health clinics and two-thousand medical professionals in communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa over the next ten to fifteen years. The primary mission of the mobile clinics is to deliver basic primary healthcare to millions of people living in rural areas that have little or no access to advanced healthcare. Our first Mobile Clinic is deployed to Senegal in January 2009.

Each Mobile Clinic will be properly equipped with full medical testing and examination facilities that will facilitate the delivery of effective and efficient medical care. The mobile clinics will come fully operational; supplied with advanced technology such as satellite communication tools, patient care rooms, solar-powered lap-tops, health promotion materials and healthcare professional training materials. Our Mobile Clinic project is designed to deliver a pro-active approach in providing life-saving vaccinations, provide treatment for basic treatable diseases, provide pre-natal, obstetrical, and post-natal care, provide therapy and care for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and to provide other basic health and medical care to millions of Africans without access to care.

The mobile clinics have the capacity to relocate without difficulty, allowing for increased patient care coverage. The clinics will enable USDFA to treat several thousand patients every month and to provide capacity-building in communities by training thousands of local medical professionals.

The following steps will be undertaken in each country of operation:
* Establish working agreement and in-country partners
* Define process and selection criteria for project sites
* Identify existing health centers for renovation or new construction
* Identify healthcare needs in resource-poor
* Launch construction and mobile clinic deployment communities
* Perform monitoring and evaluation to assess impact on community and to assess dynamic needs
* Regularly report progress and reports to donors, local decision makers, and key stakeholders.

Background: The elimination of preventable diseases in Africa is highly dependent on capacity and systems building to effectively deliver basic primary care and public health services. One of the many obstacles for medical professionals in Africa is the lack of adequately equipped facilities. Project "Mobile Clinic - Africa" would help to eliminate the gap in the need for medical manpower, medical technology, training, and medical resources.

During the 1970's, the eradication of Smallpox was an outstanding display of concerted global action in a war against preventable diseases. The progress in expanding poliomyelitis and Measles vaccination efforts and their elimination from many regions further demonstrates that vaccines are among the most powerful public health tools available.

US Doctors for Africa have established strategic partnerships with some of the most respected and prestigious medical institutions and technological companies in the United States. USDFA has also created partnerships with key government officials and Ministry's of Health in various African nations. These partnerships will be integral in materializing, expanding, and cultivating the Mobile Clinic- Africa mission.

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